Fuddruckers: Overrated Burgers for Everyone!

Fuddruckers: Overrated Burgers for Everyone!

Despite the hamburger-shaped door handle, I wouldn’t call it the home of the world’s best burger.


Yesterday my family and I found ourselves at the receiving end of a very generous gift of money, so we went out and paid eleven—eleven!—bills. I was so happy that I found myself singing songs that I made up on the spot a la five-year-old enthusiasm. “I am happy and nothing can change that!” I crooned, making my daughter nod in appreciation while my husband simply rolled his eyes and grinned.

During our day out, we decided to stop and eat somewhere my daughter and I had never been. My husband had eaten at Fuddruckers often as a child and loved it, so we thought we’d give it a try. Let me tell you, that world’s best burgers sign (or whatever it said) was completely overrated. All of the new research regarding the carbon footprint of the burger in general aside, the simple taste and quality of the sandwich altogether was nothing to write home about.

The meat itself wasn’t all that great, though the bun was nice. The fries were bland and plain—definitely not something you’d expect from a place that serves mostly burgers and fries. We also had cheese sticks, which were akin to bland bar food. But the most disappointing factor was the actual toppings bar, which is the restaurant’s claim to fame.

All I could do was stare disappointedly at the few toppings on the bar: tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions. Where was the bleu cheese, the onion strings, the spices? If you banked on the fact that your burger joint gives consumers loads of options for dressing up your burgers, you’d better deliver on a wide variety of such options—not just present your basic fast food variety.

There were only a handful of sauces—ketchup, brown mustard, mayo, etc.—to choose from when I was expecting a wide array of options. I figured I’d have to just make several dipping cups of sauces just to try them all out, but no; it was just mayo and ketchup for me. How boring! And expect to pay extra for bacon and cheese if you select them for your burger (order them while ordering; they are not available at the toppings bar). This might be typical for other joints but with burgers as expensive as $9 you would expect they’d come with cheese—or perhaps a gold coin.

The taste itself wasn’t horrible and the service was fine, but the price of the place coupled with the basic, boring burgers just isn’t going to entice me to return. Ever. If my husband suggests it, I’ll go simply for him—but I certainly won’t expect much.