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Grilled Chicken Cancer Risk

In a world where everything appears to give us cancer - Grilled Chicken can be added to the list.

That's right folks, the same grilled chicken you have been eating at your family BBQ because you thought it was more healthy than the diablo chili dogs, may cause cancer. How is this even possible? Well, grilled chicken contains PhIP, a cancer-causing chemical. PhIP and other heterocyclic amines are formed from the creatinine, amino acids, and sugar found in muscle tissue, and are produced by the presence of hot internal and external heat and lengthy cooking times. Heterocyclic amines can bind directly to DNA and cause mutations which can be be the first step in cancer production in your body.

In cancer-warning fight, court rules against California restaurants on August 13, 2010 - which means that in the great state of California the potential carcinogenic effects of grilled chicken may soon be popping up. It may look something like this: “WARNING: WELL COOKED CHICKEN, INCLUDING THE CHICKEN SERVED IN THIS RESTAURANT, CONTAIN CHEMICALS KNOWN TO THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO CAUSE CANCER”.

Speaking as someone who is not in the medical profession: I feel this is another attempt to get the public scared about the possibilities. Everything is bad for you - even the oxygen we breathe - so I am going to continue to enjoy grilled chicken and maybe try to breathe less to balance things out.