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Chicken…Almost What's For Dinner

This spring, I bought the breed of chicken I have been wanting for some time – blue laced red Wyandottes.  I ordered two roosters as well, so eventually we can have our own chicks.  Fast forward to this winter, and we have two beautiful, flashy roosters running around with just ten hens.  As you may or may not know, roosters are rather…vigorous.  The poor hens could definitely do with a break, so we planned to butcher one and have a nice pot roast.

We kept putting it off and the other day, one of the little buggers volunteered himself by attacking my two-year old daughter.  Whether we planned to butcher or not, that’s an automatic death sentence.  Roosters can cause a lot of damage!

After a late start in the afternoon, my husband brought the doomed offender in for cleaning.  We always do our butchering outside, but it’s too cold to be standing around outside now, so he brought the rooster in for cleaning.  As it turns out, it is really difficult to clean a bird when you don’t have a way to hang him.  An hour later, it was time to start dinner and the duty still wasn’t done.

I popped in from my work to check on things, and my husband was appalled at how little meat there was on this six month old bird.  I thought he looked fantastic, and my stomach rumbled at the thought of fresh homegrown meat.  My husband’s patience ran out, however, and the pleading looks of the dogs won him over.

So after all that, the dogs feasted while we ate a nice juicy steak with some mashed potatoes instead.  Although the steaks were nice, I sure did miss out on that tender, juicy fresh chicken.